SOLAS possesses an outstanding R&D team. Each member is willing to accept challenges, to break through barriers, and to strive for improvement on existing technologies. Because of our outstanding R&D team, SOLAS not only stands at the top of the world propeller industry, but also possesses a diverse R&D strategy.

SOLAS frequently conducts academic and industrial cooperative development projects with Taiwan leading research institutions. In recent years, we have expanded our vision to leisure watercraft propulsion systems, and have established a new, comprehensive R&D division for that purpose.

SOLAS's R&D teams combine propeller theory, quantitative data analysis, and realistic Field testing technologies to design world class watercraft propellers. With superior CAD, CAM and CAE capabilities, SOLAS now can manufacture products that completely satisfy every customer requirement.

These outstanding R&D and production technologies are the basis on which SOLAS has become the most well known brand in the industry.

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